Ablution is blessing Corona is a proof

ablution is blessing

Ablution is a perfect remedy to avoid corona virus .

Most researchers advised the precautionary measurements. Which already exist inside the act of ablution . Below i will explain how .

How to avoid corona virus according to Who world health organisation

  1. Wash your hands frequently
  2. Practice respiratory hygiene (clear your throat)
  3. Wash your nose
  4. Maintain social distancing

1-washing hands

ILLUSTRATION – 27 February 2020, Brandenburg,

Washing Hands is primary component of ablution. Almost all the doctors are recommending to wash hands again and again to avoid corona virus . And Muslims already wash their hands 5 times a day but each time they have to wash 3 times so in tolal 15 times a day and is compulsory for Muslims as its the order of God.

2- Washing mouth

woman clearing her throat

During ablution Muslims wash their mouth with water 5 times a day and each time they wash the mouth they also clear their throat . And according to researchers corona virus first enter,s inside the mouth and then stays in throat for some days . That,s why sour throat is also a symptom of Corona virus . According to WHO if you clear your throat more often then the virus will not be able to grow and spread further .

3 – Washing Nose

During ablution the third step after clearing throat is ritual nasal cleansing . In this process Muslims clean their nose by entering water but not just they also clean the nose by entering finger inside and rinsing the nose and then pull out . As you can see how persistently ablution is not just a Islamic ritual but also its a perfect precautionary measurement to avoid deadly corona virus which now declared as pandemic and causing to slowdown world,s economy.

4 – Social Distancing

social distancing corona

For Muslims not just good hygiene is part of their lifestyle and religious rituals .But also physical distancing and illegal sexual contact also consider prohibited in Islam.

For example A man cannot touch any woman until is not his wife , mother , daughter or aunt. Same applies to Women for touching a man .

For Muslims despite washing their hands , mouth , nose , arms ,neck and feet 5 times a day taking a full shower every weekend is also compulsory.

” Final Verdict “

I hope after reading above facts it will be clear that how blessed is to be a Muslim and ablution is not a tough job but actually a blessing from God ain’t you agree ?

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