Earn money doing copy paste jobs

Dont want to Read ? Then watch the video below

So am again here and this time am gonna demonstrate. About how you can earn 50 to 80 dollars every week depend on your location and how many links you copy paste and share .

Steps to Follow

1 – Click here and open this site .

2 – Register on that site and then click offers watch the image below.

3 – After you click on offers you will find tons of offers .You can change the country and device or even offers by search . For example you can search paypal or other company names whatever you want .

4 – You will get a link for each offer that link you can share to your social media, whatsapp groups, twitter , tiktok and many other ways.

5 – As someone will click your link you will receive the promised amount.

6 – Withdraw it by paypal and have fun .

What if you do not have audience to click ?

Then still don’t worry i have a solution for that also .

Follow these steps

1 – Click here and register at this site .

2 – After register login and click earn points.

3 – Copy any link or offer you want to promote from the last site .

4 – Promote it on any social site which is available in Youlikethis site.

5 – For example twitter . After you post copy the tweet id watch image.

This id you will paste inside the site by clicking add/edit sites.

6 – Select the actions you want in case of twitter retweets or tweet likes. Set the points you want to give for each like or retweet and you are ready to go .

7 – If still have confusion then ask me in comments and i will try to help you .

Have a good day bye .

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