How i earned 900 $ just by sharing a link

Generally most people earn money by making youtube videos. Or just by monetizing their website or blog by dumping google ads and make their readers suffer while visiting their site. As a result end up having low visitors . But am gonna share a way of earning money which is completely legit and i keep making a lot of money just by sharing a link .

Below i will tell you what you have to do .

So the only thing you have to do is to make your website by using that hosting company . And then get your affiliate link and share it with your family and friends or post it to your website or blog or just share on your social media . Any time someone click and register their account using your link . You are going to receive a whopping 105 usd .

How to Start ?

  1. Click here and make an account .
  2. Activate your affiliate account.
  3. Share that link to your friend and family .
  4. Get 105 $ each time someone click and make account .
  5. Withdraw that money into your bank account or even paypal.
  6. Enjoy and live a happy life .

Watch the video to see payment proof.

How does the referral program work?

Get paid for sending your customers to our website.


1. Sign up

Our web hosting affiliate program takes less than one minute to
join and is absolutely cheap. Start here


2. Share your affiliate link

Add your custom banner, coupon, or link to refer your clients and
we’ll keep track of your sales.


3. Get paid

Once your referral uses your link and makes a valid purchase,
you’ll earn your affiliate commission. It’s that easy.

Earn more with our progressive tiered payout

At iPage, we strive to help our affiliates succeed with their
campaigns. Our payout structure ensures we’re rewarding
you for all your hard work. The more you refer, the more
you’ll earn.Get started

Affiliate Agreement | Disclosure Requirements

  • 1-5 sales $65/sale*
  • 6-10 sales $75/sale*
  • 11-20 sales $100/sale*
  • 21+ sales $125/sale*

Final Verdicts and benifits .

I know you will need to spend some money at the beginning . But think if you spend 20 to 30 dollar to become an affiliate . Then you are also getting 105 dollar only by one person you will refer . Still 105 – 30 = 75 in any case you will still be a winner . But below i will also show you that what you will get by purchasing their package . Have a look below .

You see ? You will be getting 1 free domain for 1 year . And all those features i showed you above if you are still confuse let me know in comments and i will help you .

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