How to tolerate your woman during her periods

a woman during menses

So very common issue but still a mystery . Many women change their behaviour during menses. If you are newly married like i was at some point then keep reading .

There is no such golden rule which will apply on all the women . To be honest its not possible to cover every kind of women in this little article but i will try to do my best . So according to science women face hormonal and emotional changes during their menstrual cycle but the reaction from different women is different . For example some women will still be calm down and some will turn the world upside down . Here we will talk about that type first.


If you notice she suddenly start hating you out of no where . The change of mode from happy to angry or sad to over excited. She become annoyed, short-tempered and irritated at the slightest thing. And may also tend to get irritable and annoyed for seemingly no reason. She may also lose some self-esteem during this time of the month and feel unreasonably insecure about her body or appearance. The list is long but i will leave it here .

tolerate women during menses by mr ali


Believe me or not but if you are in such situation if you do not act carefully then you are in a danger zone and might end up getting humiliated , insulted or in worst case scenario you may end up breaking up or divorced . So below i will share my personal experience about how to tackle this sensitive situation keep reading .

How to tolerate:

This process require a lot of patience and will power. Its up-to you how much you are willing to invest . Below i will write some key points or you can say tips which will help you to tolerate her during this annoying journey of so called life .

  1. First of all think that she is sick and she will be OK soon if you are lucky 🙂 .
  2. Try to ignore her rude behaviour and hateful words come out of her mouth.
  3. Let her know that you’re aware of how the changes in her hormones can temporarily affect her behaviour and mood.
  4.  Don’t get moody in response to her moodiness.
  5. Don’t use her period as an excuse to blame her for everything be realistic .
  6. Give her positive feedback on her good behaviour to keep things balanced.
  7. Try to Bring Out Her Good Girl Side.
  8. For a clap you always need 2 hands so do not give her your hand for the clap . Neither for the slap.
  9. Try to avoid too much interacting with her . Let her do her things and you stay out .
  10. Tolerate her by thinking her positive actions and favours she gave to you .

There,s a long list of advice’s i can keep on writing but hey hold on this

is an article not a book . So there,s a limit for tolerance my advice do not cross that limit and act fast if you notice that the things are still getting worst. So below i will mention some points about how to react if all your kindness is going into a deep hole … keep reading.

Quote about woman in period

Menses are not a licence for a woman to do whatever she want .

God made women like that because He also gave them patience and ability to cross from this phase with out getting over exhausted its a test for women to prove themselves . By behaving good still affectionate, passionate kind , humble and don,t let their girlishness and turn into some wild creation who have no morals or limits.

Don’t let her period become an excuse to treat you badly

The thing is, leading up to her period and during the first few days of her period, she can experience all sorts of physical discomfort and pain.

For example: She may get headaches, aches and pains in her lower back and hips, an upset stomach, bloated stomach and cramping.

So, it’s understandable that she might be a bit annoyed and irritated during that time.

However, it’s not an excuse to treat you badly and disrespect you.

If a man lets his woman treat him badly during certain parts of her menstrual cycle, it can become a habit for her in the relationship.

She can develop a habit of behavior of being annoyed with him, being irritable, being short-tempered.

The more you allows that to occur, the less happy the relationship will be.

woman screaming in menses

Her period is not a free pass to start screaming at you

yelling at you, being irritable, being short-tempered and just expect you to put up with it.

She has to be able to take responsibility for her emotions around you.

The way to tell your woman that isn’t to sit her down and give her a stern talking-to. Or demand that she control her emotions at all times.

Instead, it’s best to be assertive about it, but be loving and easygoing at the same time.

Final Verdict

I am not a psychiatric these are my personal opinions based on my experience . Some cases of woman might be worst than that.If all this does not help then bring her to a doctor . Also no matter what you do you cannot change the destiny some disasters are unstoppable and some diseases are incurable . Woman is and will remain a mystery so do not attempt to reveal it. But try to keep it in a state where it do not become a pain in the a….