Is Eating pepper chilly capsicum bad?

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health benefits of capsicum

Medicinal benefits of pepper include weight loss, lightening of the blood, increasing blood circulation, improving the digestive system, heart disease, inflammation, headaches, joint pain and elixirs.

Most people recognize peppers for their sharpness and sharpness, which are used to create aroma and flavor in foods, but few are aware of the countless benefits hidden in this little herb, which is human. Quite useful for health.

Pepper belongs to the Solanacea family of Capsicum, whose scientific name is Capsicum Annuum. It is commonly grown and used in hot humid countries like India and Pakistan. Peppers come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the local environment and climate.

Pepper is a healing food by nature, rich in vitamins k, e, c, carotenoids and B complex. In addition, peppers are a great source of calcium, potassium and dietary fiber.

For gastrointestinal:

chilly for gastrointestinal problems
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The use of green chilies in food is very useful for stomach pain, gas and cramps. Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine recommend the use of pepper for proper digestion, as it improves the flow of secretions from the stomach and stimulates them. In addition, peppers also help digest food and increase appetite. In ancient times, people used peppers as a regular medicine.

For colds and sore throats:

The use of chillies is extremely beneficial in colds and flu, as the sharpness and sharpness of the chillies stimulates the secretions from the nose and throat, which clears the nasal airways and makes it difficult to breathe. Do not face Most people regularly use peppers as a vegetable in case of lung, nose or chest blockage or constipation.

Improving blood flow:

pepper benefits of blood diseases
chilly can cure blood

When any part of the body is sick, its circulation is also affected. Regular use of chillies lightens frozen blood and speeds up its flow. In addition, the minerals in peppers, such as calcium and iron, which are an important part of human cells and body fluids, better control heart rate and blood pressure.

For heart disease:

Research has also shown that the use of chili protects the patient from heart attack, because chili lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood. The use of peppers strengthens the body’s immune system and the vitamin C in it is 6 times more than the vitamin in sangtra.

For headaches:

capsicum can cure stress

The use of chilies in food reduces headaches and sniffing chilies makes headaches disappear. The best is to use black peppers in chicken soup it will definitely help .

For respiratory problems:

pepper soup cure respiratory diseases

Chilies are the best source of betacarotene, which is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of asthma. In addition, the betacarotene present in peppers protects the body from the attack of various diseases.

To lose weight:

chilly can help lose weight

For those who want to lose weight, the most important and interesting thing about peppers is that they do not contain fat at all and they have a special ability to burn fat and calories. The use of peppers increases the digestive capacity by 25%. According to research by the Oxford Polytechnic in London, 6 grams of pepper a day burns more than 76 calories in the body. In addition, their fast and warm properties accelerate the activity of metabolism in the body.

Chilies not only make our food more palatable and tasty, but also beneficial for the whole body.

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It is not useful to use excessive chilly for a long time.