White hair at young age ?

white hair issues

So this is really a widespread issue many adults even teenagers are getting white hair before they reach to an old age . There might be multiple reasons each case might be different . But here i will put major reasons .

1 – Masturbation in boys from an early age

white hair and masturbation

That might sound odd but this is one of the main root cause for teenagers to have white hair at an early age . But how ? Well i will explain you how . Read carefully below .

As you know in this generation which is actually my generation the access to adult material like pornography is so easy . Teenagers find it very entertaining and from the comfort of their home they do this act . Now masturbation does not mean that it will make your hair immediately white . But over a long period continuously masturbating from a little age might cause your hair to grow white .

Right after ejaculation body stop growing and shuts down all the growth functions.

Now the body need 3 days in adults to reproduce those sperms . Normally after that you feel tired and want to sleep or feel hungry . But teenagers do not care about those needs . And some time they start abusing it . For example sometime they ejaculate 5 to 10 times a day . Today most teenagers are consuming a lot of junk foods. These foods are very poor quality and only give your calories . This is where body start to lose important nutrients like Vitamin B and other important nutrients and minerals. Over long periods of time you will notice many teenagers will not only have white hair but they will also look old and will not have energy and passion like a young person . Believe it or not but it might be the case . So keep an eye on your kids and do not let them be alone for long time .

2 – Dandruff or Seborrheic Dermatitis

seborrheic dermatitis white hair

That is the second largest reason you might ending up having white hair from an early age . Seborrheic Dermatitis is an auto immune disease . Where your body start producing excessive skin . Our body produce new skin cells every 3 to 7 days . But in this specific disease body start producing skin cells rapidly . As a result they start blocking the hair follicles . After follicles are blocked hair roots cant breath properly and blockage occurs . It leads to weak hair and in some cases gray or white hairs.

3 – Too much use of Electronics

Today is a common issue everybody is in love with their electronic gadgets . And we stick with it like iron with magnet . Sometime we use a lot that eyes start getting tired and causing a lot of headache . After time headaches became chronic and leads to a lot of health issues .

4 – Genetically inherited

Genetically inherited white hair
Child born inheriting exactly same white hair pattern like mother

Hereditary Yes, your white hair might be inherited from parents and grandparents. According to experts, our genes play an important role in the whitening of hair. If any of your elders experienced premature graying of hair, it is possible that this experience may happen to you as well.

Treatment of White Hair

To be very clear turning back premature white hair in natural color again , Is only possible if you are still young . As you age the chances of reversal will be lower . But you can stop getting more white hair by changing your life style .

Below i will mention some tips how to avoid getting white hairs .

  1. Walk bare feet on the grass early morning If you walk on the fresh grass which is wet by natural dew . You should try walking every day on that fresh grass wet with drops of due . It will stimulates some glands in your body which will not only stop your premature white hair but also will provide you other benefits .
  2. Mix yogurt with mustard oil and apply at the scalp and hair.After some hours take shower . Wash your hair with little bit pure apple vinegar water.
  3. Avoid eating foods which irritates you (specific cases of dermatitis)If you are a victim of Seborrheic dermatitis then you should avoid any food , which causes itching in your scalp for example hot food , spicy food or any food which triggers itching to your scalp .
  4. Use Amla Reetha oil
  5. Do not take shower very often and do not use so much shampoo
  6. Eat healthy foods rich in vitamin B 1 – 12 , Antioxidants and nutrients.

If you think i missed out some other important factors please let me know in the comments and i will add them .

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