YouTube and Netflix limited streaming quality for Europe

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Netflix says it will reduce its data consumption by 25%

Netflix and YouTube will limit their streaming quality in the European Union. The two companies made the decision following the European Union’s request. The European Union urged both companies to reduce the load on their servers and reduce power consumption.
The use of both services has increased dramatically due to the outbreak of the Corona virus worldwide, including Europe.
People are being used to these services by being locked up at home.
Netflix says it will reduce its data consumption by 25% but users will still have good quality video streaming. Normally one hour of video watching on standard definition (SD ie 480p) costs 1GB of data while one hour of video streaming in HD is 3GB.

YouTube says their services have been under pressure for some time, but they have complied with the EU request and transferred all traffic to SD streaming.
The two companies announced the European Commission for the Internet Market after the phone call from Thre Breton. The commissioner later praised the two companies for their immediate action. He said that because of the initiative of both companies, the Internet will continue to function well during the Cod-19 crisis.